What Makes Da Nirah’s Activewear Exclusive?

Running shorts women, as the name suggests it was made and designed to be activewear. They are available in Da Nirah under the activewear collection.

In that collection, we have different exquisite products, they include;

  • The macaroon activewear shorts in red and black colors
  • Active shorts, in pink, wine red, and baby pink colors.
  • Active leggings in black, pink, and wine-red color.
  • Short sleeves active crop top in black, baby pink, and wine-red color.
  • Long sleeves active crop top in black, wine red, and baby pink color.

This activewear and the famous running shorts for women are known for their pliability and the equanimity they provide. Moreover, those are the perfect features of activewear clothes. These features in activewear will always enhance the performance of the wearer. Therefore, in Da Nirah’s active wears, we make sure of the following;

  • Our activewear namely running shorts for women are breathable, hence will greatly ward off skin vexation.
  • The material used in making the running shorts is a mixture of nylon and spandex, which is known to be stretchy. And this enhances one's movement without restrictions like you can squat comfortably without worrying, it holds and snugs at the stomach comfortably, and absorbs the dampness.
  • Women’s running shorts are very durable, making them last longer hence less maintenance cost and buying of activewear every time.
  • Why did we consider equanimity? Having the right activewear like running short, which has been made to make you feel comfortable, will help you focus more on your performance, but it is wrong and not comfortable, meaning it rubbing on your thigh irritatingly will only make you focus more on it not performance. No fun at all.
  • Breathability is mostly brought about by the fabric used to make the running shorts. They are mostly made to absorb the moisture then make your body cool, and most importantly, our women’s running shorts do not facilitate the growth of bacteria. This is a very feature that is not mostly found in many active wears. Fewer bacteria will mean that you will not be smelly after your workout.
  • Our active wears values pliability, and so they have been made not to restrict your motion, this brings out far better performance.

Knowing all this shows you one thing, to have a better growth of the performance, you have to get yourself activewear that will make you feel comfortable, flexible, and facilitates airflow. All these features are found in our exclusive activewear at Da Nirah an online clothing boutique.